Fresh Chicken Table Eggs

Product Type: Egg
Variety: Table Egg
Origin: Chicken
Style: Fresh
Part: White
Shelf Life: 6months
Length (cm): 4
Brand Name: Chicken Table Eggs
Place of Origin: Hungary
Size (gms): 60



Best Quality
Affordable Price
Deliver on time
Healthy & Hygienic eggs

Our farm fresh eggs and customer service have won us the patronage of customers from as far as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The eggs are preserved in the cleanest of environments and are packed in the safest materials and international standards.

Fresh White and brown eggs
Color:  White & Brown
Size:  Small, Medium, Large and Extra large
Weight:  Ranging from 45gms to 63gms.
Available Grade: A
Egg Size required 80 % Large ( 60 to 64 gms ) 20 % Medium ( 55 to 59 gms) 80% (White shell eggs ) & 20% ( Brown Shell Eggs)

Shipment Details.

1. Number of Eggs per Tray = 30

2. Number of Trays in Carton = 12

3. Number of Eggs in Carton Box = 360

4. Number of Carton Box in 40 Feet Container = 1312 cartons

5. Shipment Mode = By Refer Container

6. Total Number of Eggs per 40 feet container = 472360


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